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2013-05-28 04:52 pm
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female. 92-line. philippines.

a dreamer who delights in the often unnoticed simple things in life, who writes more often than she talks, who loves a bit of everything a little too much.

I am fascinated by the things that I don’t fully understand )

special thanks to 队长 for helping with the banner edit!

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2013-02-03 02:13 pm


Hello! If you are looking for my fics, please visit [ profile] krisuhocafeღ!

all entries in that community are open to the public. unless for special cases, such as gift fics, some entries will be locked temporarily.

since the fics are open to all, it's not necessary to join or watch the community, but i would really appreciate it (and i will definitely love you more) if you can!♡

as for the fics originally posted in this journal (and as also found in the masterlist), i won't be moving them to that community (because i'm quite lazy to do that and the comments are nonetheless very precious and treasured). they will remain open in this journal for public reading. however, all new fics shall be posted in my writing community.

as for this journal, i will be posting my personal entries and they will be friends-locked unless for some weird reasons. you can unfriend me but it would be really nice if you can stay and be genuine friends with me ♡

for those who are planning
to add me as a friend,
please leave a comment on my intro post!

i am generally a friendly person and it would be nice if we could get to know each other first before i could add you back. i don't bite unless you provoke me. ^^

사랑하자! ヾ(=◠‿◠=✿)

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2013-01-23 08:23 pm

[drabble] It has always been like this.

∞ It has always been like this.
→ EXO: Kris/Suho; Angst, Comfort, G, 603 words
! no beta; to 队长: いろいろとしてくれてどうもありがとう。

Just like it has always been )
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2013-01-12 10:42 pm

[drabble] 君と一緒に年をとりたい。

∞ 君と一緒に年をとりたい。 I want to grow old with you.
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, G, 551 words
! no beta

“They say you drink according to your age”  )

A/N: because somebody challenged me to write an impromptu drabble (and i am stupid enough to do it) while we were hanging out at one of my favorite local cafés. this is a slightly edited version of the one i wrote on one of the guest (note)books there and i hope my handwriting is bad enough that nobody can steal it (that's my handwriting in thin black ink, the one in heavy ink was written by the one responsible for me writing this almost cliché plot). u__u
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2012-12-24 11:46 pm

trois : : 不管你是什么样子,我都爱你。

∞ 町からの光。City Lights
→ AKB48/(SKE48): Mariko/Jurina; Fluff, PG-13, 754 words
!! no beta (please forgive my errors.)

“Can you say that you love me, without calling me ‘senpai’?”  )

∞ A Christmas Lantern
→ EXO: Chanyeol/Baekhyun (Baekhyun-centric); Mild Angst, PG-13, 526 words
!! no beta (I just wrote this a few hours ago, I’m sorry for the errors!)

‘I miss you,’ he whispers, creating swirls of smoke into the air.  )

∞ Escalator
→ EXO: Kris/Suho; Fluff, PG-13, 825 words
!! no beta (please forgive my errors, I made this in a rush)

Somehow, with you holding my hand, I feel more secure and never lost. )

1. I made everything in a rush, so I apologize for all the errors that you see. Please don't hesitate to point them out. The unnie whom I entrust all the beta work is away on a holiday as well. And nobody is willing to beta my multifandom fic/drabbles. ㅠㅠ
2. Special thanks for [ profile] moonkissedx for helping me out with the Chinese title ♥ (I love you Crystal-nim!)
3. The ChanBaek is for [ profile] kimpoi03. And no, this is NOT the ChanBaek I'm planning to give you. I just wanted to give you a little something because you are so patient with all of my works and you've been such a sweetheart. ♥
4. And the KrisHo is dedicated to someone out there who claims I owe her a fluff fic after making her read angst for two days. (You're my number 1 reader, you know? Thank you so much for sticking with me through thick and thin. For reading my works no matter what pairing and how crappy I say they are.)
5. MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!! ^^
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2012-12-23 11:07 am

deux : : 愛は決して、絶える事がありません。

∞ 空席。 Vacant Seat
→ TVXQ(JYJ)/CSJH: Yoochun/Dana (Sungmi); Angst, PG-13, 1654 words
! no beta (please forgive my errors); het (is this supposed to be a warning?); character death
inspired by 東方神起’s 「STILL」

If I can see you in my dreams, I will hug you tightly. )
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2012-12-22 05:11 pm

un : : 내 사랑은 항상 네 곁에 있을게

∞ 十二月の手紙。 December Letters
→ TVXQ/(JYJ): Yunho/Jaejoong; Angst, Drama, Romance, PG-13, 3341 words
! beta: [ profile] anyajulia
a birthday present for [ profile] byuldeureul
inspired by 安室奈美恵’s 「Love Story」

Even if I’m reborn, I will still continue to love you. )
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2012-11-22 06:05 am

[drabble] クレッシェンド: 雨の中で、踊ってキスをする。 crescendo: dance and kiss in the rain

∞ クレッシェンド: 雨の中で、踊ってキスをする。 crescendo: dance and kiss in the rain
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, PG-13, 887 words
! special thanks to [ profile] anyajulia and her boyfriend [ profile] demonessryu for the beta work! I wish you two more years of faithfulness and LOVE!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
!! you can find the Vietnamese translation here, with many thanks to [ profile] betum dearie ♥
!!! also I'd like to thank Abbey sweetheart for making a wonderful art/graphic/gifset inspired by this humble piece ♥ (Honestly, I am still in awe over everything ;;)

I'm bringing you back to reality.  )


A/N : : And this also goes to all the people who made me happy today, especially to my happy leadership co-sailors [ profile] kira_min18, Ayesha-nim, and [ profile] dee_fml ♥. And very, very special shoutout to [ profile] kimpoi03, Lykka love, and Coney babe for everything because I might end up having a longer A/N than this drabble if I mention all the reasons (*´∀`*)

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2012-08-16 08:15 pm

[drabble] ずっと君のそばにいるから。 you will always have me

∞ ずっと君のそばにいるから。 you will always have me
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, GP, 575 words
! drabble turned flashfic idkwhathappenedtomeokay. and special thanks to Anya unnie♥ for deciding the genre for this ;w; (thank you and i love you, unnie ☺)

“Hyung, do you think I could do it?” he asks, not even shifting to face Wufan )
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2012-07-13 12:36 am

[fic] 言わなかった祈りのような。 like an unspoken prayer

∞ 言わなかった祈りのような。 like an unspoken prayer
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, PG-13, 678 words
! no beta, muse died while I was in the middle of writing this ; ;

I didn’t know you were waiting for me )

A/N: belated happy birthday, my dear duizhang! :3 I'm sorry this took forever to finish ; ; you do know suho is busy with school works and has been emotionally unstable for the past few weeks. And yes, I still owe you your disneyland fic and all those other plots i talked to you and i think i already forgot some of them sobs muse keeps dying on me imma cry ngl. My writing style is getting boringly repetitive ne? ; ;

P.S. I love you ;ww; Let's be random together♥

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2012-07-02 11:07 pm

[fic] 君は僕の命に色を上げる陽光。you are the sunshine that brings color into my life

∞ 君は僕の命に色を上げる陽光。you are the sunshine that brings color into my life
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, PG-13, 630 words
! no beta, made this in a rush, please don't hesitate to point out my errors ; ;

Yifan tightens his embrace on Junmyeon, and the latter finds himself back to reality. )

A/N: 2/3 fic-drabble bundle I owe promised as a present to my best spazzing buddy, the 隊長 to my 수호, Rabbit. Happy birthday, babe ♥

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2012-07-01 02:49 pm

[fic] 雨の日を好きにさせる。 you make me love rainy days

∞ 雨の日を好きにさせる。 you make me love rainy days.
→ EXO: Suho/Kris; Fluff, Romance, PG-13, 1558 words
! no beta

Yifan, beauty is not the right word for a man like you. )

A/N: [1/3] Happy Happy Happy Birthday Rabbit babe ♥

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2012-05-22 04:10 am

[drabble] 수호 천사 (Guardian Angel)

∞ 수호 천사 (Guardian Angel)
→ EXO: Suho/Kai; Fluff, PG-13, 470 words
! not beta-ed, might contain errors

anywhere would be heaven )
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2011-11-22 11:06 pm

[FIC] How I Wish...

Title: How I Wish...
Author: [ profile] torakiss
Beta: my pride tells me not to beta it.
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yoochun (implied Yunho/Jaejoong)
Genre: Angst
Length: One-shot, 1043 words
Rating: PG-13

この場所から・・・ )
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2011-08-30 09:22 pm

[Drabble] Chocolate Dreams

Title: Chocolate Dreams
Author: [ profile] torakiss
Beta: unbeta-ed, because I have so much pride
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Genre: Fluff
Length: 500 words
Rating: PG-15

I miss you so much, Junsu-yah. )
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2011-08-24 12:15 am

[FIC][Sunday/Yoochun] To Be Remembered by The Person You're Trying to Forget

Title: To Be Remembered by The Person You're Trying to Forget
Author: [ profile] torakiss
Beta: unbeta-ed, please forgive my errors.
Pairing: Yoochun/Sunday
Genre: Drama, Fluff
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG

“While I was trying to forget him, he was… remembering me.”  )
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2011-07-23 11:25 pm

[FIC] Because I Miss You So Much

Title: Because I Miss You So Much
Author: [ profile] torakiss
Beta: unbeta-ed, please forgive my errors.
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: Drama (Romance perhaps? Not sure D:)
Length: One Shot
Rating: PG-13

He was terribly missing him.To the point that he would cry as he sings the songs that he made. The songs he made for him. )