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female. 92-line. philippines.

a dreamer who delights in the often unnoticed simple things in life, who writes more often than she talks, who loves a bit of everything a little too much.

I am fascinated by the things that I don’t fully understand )

special thanks to 队长 for helping with the banner edit!

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Hello! If you are looking for my fics, please visit [ profile] krisuhocafeღ!

all entries in that community are open to the public. unless for special cases, such as gift fics, some entries will be locked temporarily.

since the fics are open to all, it's not necessary to join or watch the community, but i would really appreciate it (and i will definitely love you more) if you can!♡

as for the fics originally posted in this journal (and as also found in the masterlist), i won't be moving them to that community (because i'm quite lazy to do that and the comments are nonetheless very precious and treasured). they will remain open in this journal for public reading. however, all new fics shall be posted in my writing community.

as for this journal, i will be posting my personal entries and they will be friends-locked unless for some weird reasons. you can unfriend me but it would be really nice if you can stay and be genuine friends with me ♡

for those who are planning
to add me as a friend,
please leave a comment on my intro post!

i am generally a friendly person and it would be nice if we could get to know each other first before i could add you back. i don't bite unless you provoke me. ^^

사랑하자! ヾ(=◠‿◠=✿)

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